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About Us

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Klymchuk Andrii

Klymchuk Andrii

Law firm «Dopomoga» - is a law firm that has been actively working in the legal services market of Ukraine for already 10 years. The company employs experienced lawyers, including those who have a certificate to be engaged in advocacy.

By the nature of the activities, business strategy and human development concept - Law firm “Dopomoga” is a consulting firm that deals with professional consulting services, namely providing consulting and representation services to clients with the help of qualified experts.

Law firm “Dopomoga” is ready to provide any legal assistance to legal entities and individuals from common legal advice to representation of interests in courts in the cases of complex categories: reclamation of property from unlawful possession, invalidation of transactions, real estate and residential property related disputes, invalidation of acts of state bodies, defense in criminal proceedings.

Realizing that any problem of the client is the most important for him, we don not set priorities in our work according to the significance of the case. On the contrary, being wide-experienced specialists, our lawyers know that sometimes the "simplest" power of attorneys can hide serious legal aftergrowth and result in conflict of interest of many parties involved.

The principles of our work are based on the sufficiency of the services provided and the main rule of a lawyer "do no harm." Therefore, we reserve the right to choose for the customer. If the legal advice provided is sufficient, we do not force the necessity upon the client of conclusion of the agreement with a lawyer to represent interests pursuing our commercial objectives.

Often the lawyer has to struggle against the outrageous actions of officials and state officers. In some cases, if justified, we involve the public and media to use them to press on the outrageous "figure" and draw public attention to a case.

Taking into account the international practice, we accompany the arbitration process, representing and advising clients in commercial disputes, disputes relating to the activities of joint ventures, insurance etc. The company’s specialists achieved a significant experience in providing legal services in regard to traffic cases as well as assistance in the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the territory of Ukraine.

Preparation for settlement of international commercial disputes starts long before a business relationship was formed and the dispute arose. We help to draft the most correct arbitration clause in a commercial contract of settlement of disputes that had not yet arisen, but may occur during business activities between the client and the contracting parties under the contract. In this case, our clients are already prepared for such kind of disputes, they know how and where the controversial situation will be resolved, which language will be used, the substantive law of which state will be applied to the dispute resolution and which formalities shall be observed.

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